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Driver Guide

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So you want to become aholoholo driver?L E T ' S G E T S T A R T E D

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Take control of the wheel and start earning on fiveislands: Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island, Kauai, and Lanai.holoholo means let’s go cruising, and with theholoholo rideshare app you can earn money as youdrive. It’s the smart way to make money by settingyour own hours with the only reliable locally ownedrideshare company in Hawaii. It’s easy to get started! Get Started

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Before you can drive for holoholo, it all starts withdownloading the holoholo Driver App and signing upto become a driver. iOSTo access the holoholo Driver App, you can use aniPhone that runs iOS 8 or higher. You can also find theapp in the Apple App Store. Simply search for"holoholo driver" in the search bar, select the app,and download to your iOS device. AndroidThe holoholo Driver app can be downloaded to anyAndroid device. You can also find the app bysearching "holoholo driver" in the Google Play store. Signup

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Make sure your face is centered.Make sure there is good lighting and the photo isnot blurry.No hats, sunglasses, or face coverings (prescriptionglasses or religious garments are acceptable).Only one person appears in the photo.Before using the Driver app, first time holoholodrivers will need to register through the app or onlineto become a driver. The full process includesbackground checks that may take several weeks toprocess. When creating your profile, all pictures submittedshould be clear and easily identifiable. Tips forProfile Photos

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Picture of YourselfFirst and Last NameBirthdayPhone # (Verify)EmailPassword, Repeat PasswordHome Address1. of VehicleYearPassenger SeatingCapacityNumber of DoorsMake and ModelVehicle ID #License plate #Military ClearanceCheckboxAccount typeInsurance CompanyPolicy #Exp. Date Picture of Insurance cardDriver License #Exp. DatePicture of Your DriverLicenseENTER PERSONAL INFORMATION VEHICLE INFORMATION REQUIRED DOCUMENTS

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After you’ve submitted your profile and it has beenapproved, a notification will be sent to you to meetus. We'll inspect your car for cleanliness, appearanceand safety. Then you'll receive our welcome kit,which includes two official holoholo emblems andyour PPE kit. ReceiveApprovalMeet at aDrive CenterGet Your Welcome Kit

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Aloha and welcome to the holoholo Driver app! Once you’ve been approved, you can start drivingright away. If you want to see what the holoholoDriver app will look like during a ride, here’s abreakdown of what it’s like. We’ll start with the basics: GO ONLINEBASIC PICKUPS AND DROP OFFSTo start earning moneywith holoholo, toggle theswitch in the right handcorner from “Offline” to “On Duty.” When you do,we’ll know you’re ready forpassengers, but rememberit may take timeto get a ride.

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ACCEPT RIDEBASIC PICKUPS AND DROP OFFSAfter you’ve been matchedwith a passenger, you’llhave a limited amount oftime to accept the ride.After you’ve accepted aride directions will appearon the map and you simplyfollow the directions to thepassenger pickup spot. Ifyou take a wrong turn,don’t sweat it, the app willcorrect it for you.

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PICKUPPASSENGERBASIC PICKUPS AND DROP OFFSAfter you arrive, you have 3minutes to locate yourpassenger. Once you findthem, slide to “pickup” inthe app.

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PASSENGERDROP OFFBASIC PICKUPS AND DROP OFFSNext follow the directionson the app to thepassenger’s drop-offlocation, and once you’vearrived slide to “drop off”in the app. And that’s at all it takes!

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LAST RIDEWhen you’re ready to takea pau hana or finishedwork for the day, simplytoggle back to offline atthe top of the app andholoholo will stop addingpassengers to your queue. When You'reDone for the Day

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Driver TipsBest Practices for DriversAlways carry your driver’s license andinsurance documentationDisplay the holoholo emblemsNever accept street hailsNever accept cash directly from passengers forfares but you can accept for tipsDo not wait in taxi linesFollow all airport rules

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You’ve made it to the end of the basicsof driving with holoholo. Mahalo! Congratulations!

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1020 Ulupono Street, Honolulu, HI 96819(808)